Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Changing things up

I have a few spots in my home that I like to change the decor around for the holidays.  I like to collect things that I can use over and over again.  I change out the photos and artwork in picture frames a lot too.  For Halloween this year I use most of my owls.  Now that we are celebrating Thanksgiving this month, I replaced the black and silver owl's with a few brown ones.  Walla, from spooky to fall.  

This picture frame had a witch picture in it for Halloween and now a turkey.  I don't think you have to have bins and bins of stuff to switch things up a bit.  Just a few different items to inter change.  One of my favorite things I use to decorate is old books.  I love to use them to get things to the hight I want.  I look for ones that I like the color and pictures on the binding.  I also have found a few of my favorite books that I have read, like the swiss family Robinson.  

Happy month of giving and being grateful.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some New Goodies

How cute is this little muffin? My sweet little nice was so good to model a few hats for me. Seriously, I can not kiss her chubby checks enough!
What would you use these adorable hat's for?  A birthday, dress-up, a gift to someone for their special day.....

In case you are not a baby or little kid but still like to dress up....
TaDa, fancy little witch hats on headbands

Something for the home.  If you are anything like me you can never have enough places to put things. 
 Now you can hang some of your belongings in style.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dress It Up!!

I LOVE bib necklaces!  They are the perfect way to dress up your outfit.  They make a boring plain shirt fun and they look great with cardigans.  Every time I wear one I get tons of complements.  It is hard to not want to keep each of them for myself.  I put a lot of fun fabrics and vintage pieces into these necklaces.  How fun is the ticket in this navy and coral necklace.
you may win a prize.
I wonder what fun event this was used for?  
You will have to come to the Hive to see the rest of the necklaces. 

**Don't forget you can still enter to win $25.00 to spend at the HIVE. Go HERE to enter.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's Giveaway time over at Hollyhocks & Honeybees
Oh Mama, the Hive is just around the corner.  Fall is in the air, the pumpkins have all been harvested and I have been one buzzy little bee.  I can't wait to take all my new projects to the Hive next  this week.    Right now you have a chance to win  $25.00 big ones to spend at the Hive.  Buzz on over to Hollyhocks & Honeybees blog to enter.  Come on back soon for some sneak peeks of the good's I will be taking to the Hive. GOOD LUCK! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boutique Time

I am having a fundraising boutique this Saturday, June 2nd from 10-2
All the funds made at this boutique will go to my sweet Brother and Sister in-law, Mike and Tawnya McConkie {check out their blog HERE}.  They have been married for 10years now and are anxiously awaiting a child to fill their home with even more love.  It is extremely expensive to adopt a child, we are hoping to help ease this burden a bit.  I have gotten some amazing, talented people to donate to this boutique.  I am sure you  will find a treasure or two!  I have posted a few photos so you can have a tasting of what will be there.  I wish I could post photos of it all but you will just have to come check it out for yourself!  I hope to see you there. How can you lose, getting something for you and helping someone's dreams come true!
Home Decor
Head bands for young and old
Baby onesies, skirts and tutus
Cake stands
Little boy ties
and much, much more!!!!

Oh I almost forgot, we are also having a bake sale. Now this is not your ordinary bake sale.  We will have gourmet candies, cup cakes and sodas just to name a few!  Maybe you have a sweet tooth you would like to satisfy or maybe you have a friend or neighbor you would like to take a treat to. It is going to be AWESOME, see you Saturday!

This boutique will be outside my Mother and Father in-laws home located in Kaysville.
Directions to McConkie Home 248 E. 2200 S. Kaysville
From the South (Provo & Salt Lake City):
Take I-15 North Merge to 89 North (just after passing Lagoon) Take the Shepard Lane exit in Farmington LEFT turn at the stop light (by the Smith’s) Continue westbound past the golf course and over the overpass (Now entering Kaysville) At the first intersection after the overpass (350 East) turn LEFT Take your first RIGHT onto 2200 South Brownish house on the left, big driveway. Come on in.
From the North (Ogden & Morgan):
Take I-15 South Exit 325 to 89 North/Lagoon Turn LEFT at the stop light Turn LEFT to get on 89 North LEFT turn at the stop light (by the Smith’s) Continue westbound past the golf course and over the overpass (Now entering Kaysville) At the first intersection after the overpass (350 East) turn LEFT Take your first RIGHT onto 2200 South Brownish house on the left, big driveway. Come on in.From SLC and points South From Ogden and points North

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you want to come to the 365 Swap???  

 Jump on over to the Cultivate blog to find out how you can win a ticket to come.  It is going to be so much fun!  You have until wednesday May 30th, best of LuCk to you! 

{How cut are the invites?  I know I would love to open up my mail box and find one of these babies}

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I choose STRENGTHEN for my word this year.  It is only the beginning of May and I can't believe how many opportunities I have had that have strengthened my spirit, my mind, and my relationships with my family, friends and neighbors. Over the past few months in my little world I have.....
 Received a new calling in the Young Woman's Presidency
Had a unexpected death in my family
A sports injury that has kept me from running
My mother in-law diagnosed with a terminal cancer
and was asked to do a sharing station at BYU Woman's Conference, just to name a few of the big things.
Now that sounds like a lot of really hard trying things right?  Well yes, but I can not believe how much my life has been blessed and how comparing myself a few months ago I can see how I have been strengthened.  When I chose the word strengthen I thought I would look for ways that I could strengthen myself.  I never thought of it in terms of strength through trials. It is amazing the blessings we can receive if we accept and work through the hard things.

Woman's Conference at BYU was amazing!  This turned out to be one of the greatest things I have ever done.  My sweet friend Amy asked me to help he with this.  She came up with the them "Exercise your spirit and loose the weight of the world"
"How do we maintain our spiritual health and find the proper exercise of our spiritual functions?  The answer lies in a careful study of the scriptures."
-L. Tom Perry
I can not lie, this was something that at the moment I needed to work on.  I know that Amy was inspired to ask me to help her with this project.  I needed to strengthen my spirit through my scriptures.  Preparing for this event helped my spirit to be stronger for the trials I was about face.

This was our sharing station.  If you have never been to woman's conference at BYU before, it is a two day event full of uplifting classes, service project and sharing stations.  It is awesome, I highly recommend it.  We put on the sharing station Thursday and then went to classes Friday.  I had such a blast with my two amazing friends, Amy and Kresta.

Everyone love our branches with hanging globes and our replica of the brass plates!

Dose anyone remember this Mormon Ad?  It is an oldie but a goody. Check out this sight to learn more about Mormons and how we find faith through Christ.

Amy and Kresta in our booth.

This was on of my favorite things we put together.  We each asked women we knew to share their testimonies about the scriptures.  Reading all of the testimonies helped strengthen my own.  It was really touching to watch as some of the women at the conference read the board and walked away with a tear in their eye.  All of the information including the testimonies will be available HERE.  Not all of the testimonies are posted yet so check back soon.  You will also find some good suggestions for scripture study.
Thanks to all who read my blog, I am sorry I have been a bit neglectful. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Such Beautiful Talent

I come from a family that is very artistically talented.  All through my life I have been exposed to all kinds of creativity.  This past week My sweet aunt Lona lost her life while out on her road bike due to a distracted driver.  Over the past week I have been reflecting on her life, the time I got to spend with her and the influence she had in shaping who I am today.  As a child I always looked forward to time with her.  She would swim with me in the snake river and take me exploring along the banks to find the pink moss.  I could spend hours in her room looking at all her fun creations.  As I grew older I would bring my children to her home to swim in the river, go exploring and peek in her studio at her creations.  It was said at her funeral yesterday that she would make you feel like you were her favorite.  She truly loved everyone and life with all she had.  My heart is so full of sorrow for her sweet husband and though's who were especially close to her.  I am so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that I know we will live again after this life. My Father in Heaven has filled my soul with comfort and peace at this time. When I am out enjoying the beauty of this earth or creating something I will think of my sweet Aunt Lona and how she lived life to the fullest. 

Check out her blog to see more of her amazing work.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's tonight, are you coming?

Yippee, tonight is the first night of the Hive.  It is always my favorite.  I go and hang out at the Hive all night.  Melissa's house looks awesome.  So many cute things to find.  I have Mothers day gifts in mind and a few Birthday gifts too.  I hope you can make it.  Here is the last of my sneak peeks.  I LOVE knobs and hooks of all kinds.  I just collect them when I find one I like.  I decided it was time to find a use for them all.  Ta da, knobs on boards to hand whatever your heart desires.

What is more perfect for spring than a wreath wrapped in darling trims and fabrics!  JUmp on over to Melissa's blog for a sneak peak inside the Hive.

Don't forget tonight 6:30-9:00 
Friday 10:00-4:00
Saturday 10:00-1:00

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another sneak peek

More things to make your home lovely.  I am really loving this color combo right now.  It just looks like spring.

Did you see the post on Melissa's blog about Tasha.  She is one of the vendors that will be at the Hive.  She is bringing super cute chalk boards.  I have got the perfect thing to go along with those darling chalkboards...... darling jars filled with chalk.  Hooray for chalk!  See you at the Hive.  I will be back tomorrow with one more sneak peek.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Check out what is new in the NEST...

I am alway wanting to spruce up my home around spring time.  Pillows are such a fun way to do that.  I will be taking these with me to the Hive.  I only gave you a sneak peek of what will be there.  You will have to come and see all the other fun pillows.  {ONLY 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE HIVE, you can still enter for the $25 over at Melissa's blog.}

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And The Winner Is....

da, da, da, da... Mandy
Thank you so much to each of you who helped spread the word about the Hive.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time to BUZZ about the Hive

If my kids do extra jobs around the house or are really brave at the doctor and I reward them with a little treat.  I don't like to call it bribing, I like to think of it more as positive re-enforcement.  So I would like to give you a little treat to spread the word about the Hive.  Unfortunately I only have one jar full of super yummy Cadbury eggs. {Easter is right around the corner} 
So hear is the deal, you can face book, e-mail or blog about this event
The Hive 

Thurs. March 8th- 6:30-9:00 p.m.
 Fri. March 9th- 10:00- 4:00 p.m.
Sat. March 10th- 10:00- 1:00 p.m

Leave me a comment telling me how you buzzed about the Hive.  Do this by Saturday night at 12:00 p.m. I will draw for the winner and announce it on Sunday. Don't worry if you live out of state, I will happy ship this sweet jar your way.

P.S. Head over to hollyhocks and honeybees blog to enter for a chance to win $25 big ones to use at the Hive

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Coming Up

Mark your calendars, March 8th 9th and 10th.
Check back soon for sneak peeks of some new things I have been working on and a giveaway.  Check out the Holly Hocks and Honey Bees blog for more info on the Hive.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Month

This is my mantel all decked out for the love month!  All the pink has made me so happy. I like to leave my Valentines decor up for the month of February.

A super sweet friend of mine knew I was having a hard day so she brought me this flower packaged all cut with a thoughtful card.  It really brightened my day and added to my Valentines decor!

The Cultivate girls decided to have a Valentines gift bow swap.  This was the one I made for Haley.  I bought a box of chocolates, ate them all ;) and re-filled it will cute treats and baking thing for the baker in Haley.  I got this card stock letter H at hobby lobby and covered it with scraps of trim and fabric I already had. Jump over to the Cultivate blog to see our gift exchange luncheon.

I made a box for my Mr. too.  After eating all the chocolates form the first boxI decided I better just throw these ones away ;)  On Valentines I surprised the Mr. at work with the decked out box and his favorite soda. I got this idea from the super creative Melissa Q.  

Becky, one of my amazing Cultivate friend made me so many fun things.  Check out this table runner!  LOVE it!

Becky is so crazy talented!  She cut out the letters for LOVE and the charming heart.  How cute are they?  Seriously, she totally spoiled me with our gift swap.  THANKS becky!!

{Sorry for the dark photos, I had to take them at night time}
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