Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Coming Up

Mark your calendars, March 8th 9th and 10th.
Check back soon for sneak peeks of some new things I have been working on and a giveaway.  Check out the Holly Hocks and Honey Bees blog for more info on the Hive.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love Month

This is my mantel all decked out for the love month!  All the pink has made me so happy. I like to leave my Valentines decor up for the month of February.

A super sweet friend of mine knew I was having a hard day so she brought me this flower packaged all cut with a thoughtful card.  It really brightened my day and added to my Valentines decor!

The Cultivate girls decided to have a Valentines gift bow swap.  This was the one I made for Haley.  I bought a box of chocolates, ate them all ;) and re-filled it will cute treats and baking thing for the baker in Haley.  I got this card stock letter H at hobby lobby and covered it with scraps of trim and fabric I already had. Jump over to the Cultivate blog to see our gift exchange luncheon.

I made a box for my Mr. too.  After eating all the chocolates form the first boxI decided I better just throw these ones away ;)  On Valentines I surprised the Mr. at work with the decked out box and his favorite soda. I got this idea from the super creative Melissa Q.  

Becky, one of my amazing Cultivate friend made me so many fun things.  Check out this table runner!  LOVE it!

Becky is so crazy talented!  She cut out the letters for LOVE and the charming heart.  How cute are they?  Seriously, she totally spoiled me with our gift swap.  THANKS becky!!

{Sorry for the dark photos, I had to take them at night time}

Thursday, February 2, 2012


How delightful are is these colors?  Oh how they make my heart sing.  If you follow me on pinterest it is no secret I have an obsession.  Seriously, I could spend a lot of time with this new found love.  Maybe I have taken it to far, now my soon to be ten year old shares this obsession.  I crated her a board and pinned some dog cupcakes, next thing I know she has gotten herself on pinteres and has figured out how to pin things.  Now I have people calling me wondering if we are getting another dog.  NO.... we are not getting another dog.  Dogs make Jane's heart sing, so I am letting her pin.  I now have to limit the time we both spend on pinterest. If you would see for yourself what I am talking about just click HERE and enjoy.

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