Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you want to come to the 365 Swap???  

 Jump on over to the Cultivate blog to find out how you can win a ticket to come.  It is going to be so much fun!  You have until wednesday May 30th, best of LuCk to you! 

{How cut are the invites?  I know I would love to open up my mail box and find one of these babies}

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I choose STRENGTHEN for my word this year.  It is only the beginning of May and I can't believe how many opportunities I have had that have strengthened my spirit, my mind, and my relationships with my family, friends and neighbors. Over the past few months in my little world I have.....
 Received a new calling in the Young Woman's Presidency
Had a unexpected death in my family
A sports injury that has kept me from running
My mother in-law diagnosed with a terminal cancer
and was asked to do a sharing station at BYU Woman's Conference, just to name a few of the big things.
Now that sounds like a lot of really hard trying things right?  Well yes, but I can not believe how much my life has been blessed and how comparing myself a few months ago I can see how I have been strengthened.  When I chose the word strengthen I thought I would look for ways that I could strengthen myself.  I never thought of it in terms of strength through trials. It is amazing the blessings we can receive if we accept and work through the hard things.

Woman's Conference at BYU was amazing!  This turned out to be one of the greatest things I have ever done.  My sweet friend Amy asked me to help he with this.  She came up with the them "Exercise your spirit and loose the weight of the world"
"How do we maintain our spiritual health and find the proper exercise of our spiritual functions?  The answer lies in a careful study of the scriptures."
-L. Tom Perry
I can not lie, this was something that at the moment I needed to work on.  I know that Amy was inspired to ask me to help her with this project.  I needed to strengthen my spirit through my scriptures.  Preparing for this event helped my spirit to be stronger for the trials I was about face.

This was our sharing station.  If you have never been to woman's conference at BYU before, it is a two day event full of uplifting classes, service project and sharing stations.  It is awesome, I highly recommend it.  We put on the sharing station Thursday and then went to classes Friday.  I had such a blast with my two amazing friends, Amy and Kresta.

Everyone love our branches with hanging globes and our replica of the brass plates!

Dose anyone remember this Mormon Ad?  It is an oldie but a goody. Check out this sight to learn more about Mormons and how we find faith through Christ.

Amy and Kresta in our booth.

This was on of my favorite things we put together.  We each asked women we knew to share their testimonies about the scriptures.  Reading all of the testimonies helped strengthen my own.  It was really touching to watch as some of the women at the conference read the board and walked away with a tear in their eye.  All of the information including the testimonies will be available HERE.  Not all of the testimonies are posted yet so check back soon.  You will also find some good suggestions for scripture study.
Thanks to all who read my blog, I am sorry I have been a bit neglectful. 
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