Thursday, February 2, 2012


How delightful are is these colors?  Oh how they make my heart sing.  If you follow me on pinterest it is no secret I have an obsession.  Seriously, I could spend a lot of time with this new found love.  Maybe I have taken it to far, now my soon to be ten year old shares this obsession.  I crated her a board and pinned some dog cupcakes, next thing I know she has gotten herself on pinteres and has figured out how to pin things.  Now I have people calling me wondering if we are getting another dog.  NO.... we are not getting another dog.  Dogs make Jane's heart sing, so I am letting her pin.  I now have to limit the time we both spend on pinterest. If you would see for yourself what I am talking about just click HERE and enjoy.


Honeybee said...

Cute Jane! She can come over & borrow, play & walk Olly anytime she wants. I just did a post about Pinterest on my blog- I'm obsessed too ;)

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