Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bunk Beds Complet!

I have been wanting to build some bunk beds in my boys room for some time now.  I have had two of my boys in this really big bedroom now for almost three years.  I hope I don't regret putting three boys in  one room now.  There is plenty of room for all of them, I was just worried one would feel left out to not have the cool bunk bed room.  I asked my super talented, creative brother to help me out with this project.  Not only did he contribute awesome design ideas but he built the whole thing.  All of it, even did the electrical work!  He never ceases to impress me with his talent.  I really loved having him at my house for a  week and a half.  I am going to miss him, aside from being super talented and creative he is also very helpful and fun to be with.

The boy's room
the bunk beds

All framed and some new lighting

Getting ready for paint

Next step ladder, railing and shelves out of old crates

Ta Da....  The finished project

How awesome is this ladder and railing system?  Seriously, Dallen is just full of so many good ideas.  This was all him.  I was so nervous about having a rail.  I just think they are really unattractive.  If you know me I am concerned about how it looks and the husband is concerned with the safety and functionality.  I guess we make a good team. I am so happy with how it turned out, it functions and looks great!

I new I wanted to put old crates on the wall for shelves but Dallen had this brilliant idea to pul lights in each of them.  The lights we got from Lows. They are really awesome, you can dim them and turn them on with a touch button.  I think this is one of my favorite things about the bed.

The room is coming together. The boys could not be more excited and I could not be more pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks Dallen, You did a FANTASTIC job!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Holiday Hive

Are you coming????  It is tomorrow!  I can't believe it is here, the holiday Hive.  I have been VeRy BuSy creating new fun things for this event.  These ruffle scarves are made out of super soft jersey knit.  They make for a comfy accessory.

Fabulous bib necklaces.  Twilight fans come on time I made a few special things for you with the new movie coming out and all.  I can't wait to get my ticket.

Well, I am off to my date with my sewing machine, we have been seeing a lot each other the lately.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Sampling

I do realize I have been really bad at posting on my blog lately.  I think my time is always full but lately I find myself so ready to hit the hay after the kiddos go to sleep  I have indulged in going to sleep and my blog has suffered from that.  I thought I would let you in on a few things I have been busing myself with.

The boutique at the beginning of October went really well.  I couldn't have pulled it off with out some special friends and of course my amazing mother for not only hosting the boutique at her house but staying up until 3 in the morning helping me with last minuet things.  Mom you are the best!  I brought little M.Q. along with me.  This girl is a God send to me! She is always so helpful, sweet and happy. 

One last time out on the boat.  I love boating in the fall.  The water is cold but it feels so nice to breath in the crisp air and snuggle up in a cosy sweater when you get out of the water.

A day trip down to Linden to check out Spark #3 artisan market.  I was sad not to attend the classes this year but it was still fun to go and see all of the cute decor.  I will have to start saving my pennies now so I can go next year.

Pulling of another successful gourmet club.  I really love getting to do this with my friend Melissa.  She is so talented and has such fun ideas, I love putting our heads and resources together.  I will let you know when our photos and recipes are posted on our gourmet club blog.

MORE pumpkin events!  I got to paddle one of Matts pumpkins in the a pumpkin regatta.  It was held at sugar house park.  I was really nervous about the whole thing but after a chat with some of my sweet friend I was excited and it turned out to be really fun.  We put a caldron on our pumpkin and filled it with dry ice and water, it looked really cute.  All the kids there loved me because I threw out candy!  Thanks for the idea S ;)

I traded my green face make-up for my green coat. We spent the next day at Hee Haa farms having fun smashing the big pumpkins.  The kids had a blast in the corn box.  Enjoy the video.

I have also been creating fun new things that i will have for sale at the HIVE.  I will be back to post some photos before the Hive.  Hope you are all having great weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mothers without borders

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a fireside about Mothers Without Borders.  The founder of Mothers Without Boarders, as well as Josephie Daka the project manager in Zambia Africa, were the speakers. 
Mothers Without Borders was founded by Kathy Headlee, mother of five children. She adopted her youngest daughter from an orphanage in Romania in 1996.
Kathy has been involved with relief and community service work for more than fifteen years. Her work has included volunteer expeditions to orphanages and communities throughout the world.
It was during her work in the orphanages of Romania that Kathy was confronted with the devastating results of children raised without nurturing, without encouragement from caring adults, without hope.
As she communicated the needs of these children to others, men and women around the world responded by offering their time, talents and resources to alleviate the suffering of these often forgotten children, and Mothers Without Borders was created.
Mothers Without Borders was officially formed as a 501 (c) 3 corporation in 2000, after more than ten years of work with orphaned and vulnerable children.
Mothers Without Borders has purchased land and built an orphanage and a school in Lusaka, Zambia. They are able to provide a loving, caring and learning environment for these vulnerable children.

 I was very touched at this fireside.  Every photo and story made me want to hold each little child and make their life better.  I left the fireside wondering what I could do myself to help these kids.  I decided that the my earnings from my next boutique would go to Mothers Without Borders.  I have been even more excited creating things to sell now that I know I will be helping Mothers Without Borders. 

If you would like to help Mothers without Borders they are having a boutique tomorrow in Salt Lake at the Greek Orthodox church 279 south 300 west from 9-6

Slideshow of orphan children in Zambia
It was so sad to me to hear how many children are orphaned. It is not uncommon for the head of the house to be no more than 10!  Their parents die of aids and they are left to care for themselves and their younger siblings.  I thought of my children being left to fend for themselves and my 10 year old being the head of the house.  Needless to say, I had a major cry headache when the fireside was over! I want to scoop up each of these kids and bring them home with me!
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