Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Sampling

I do realize I have been really bad at posting on my blog lately.  I think my time is always full but lately I find myself so ready to hit the hay after the kiddos go to sleep  I have indulged in going to sleep and my blog has suffered from that.  I thought I would let you in on a few things I have been busing myself with.

The boutique at the beginning of October went really well.  I couldn't have pulled it off with out some special friends and of course my amazing mother for not only hosting the boutique at her house but staying up until 3 in the morning helping me with last minuet things.  Mom you are the best!  I brought little M.Q. along with me.  This girl is a God send to me! She is always so helpful, sweet and happy. 

One last time out on the boat.  I love boating in the fall.  The water is cold but it feels so nice to breath in the crisp air and snuggle up in a cosy sweater when you get out of the water.

A day trip down to Linden to check out Spark #3 artisan market.  I was sad not to attend the classes this year but it was still fun to go and see all of the cute decor.  I will have to start saving my pennies now so I can go next year.

Pulling of another successful gourmet club.  I really love getting to do this with my friend Melissa.  She is so talented and has such fun ideas, I love putting our heads and resources together.  I will let you know when our photos and recipes are posted on our gourmet club blog.

MORE pumpkin events!  I got to paddle one of Matts pumpkins in the a pumpkin regatta.  It was held at sugar house park.  I was really nervous about the whole thing but after a chat with some of my sweet friend I was excited and it turned out to be really fun.  We put a caldron on our pumpkin and filled it with dry ice and water, it looked really cute.  All the kids there loved me because I threw out candy!  Thanks for the idea S ;)

I traded my green face make-up for my green coat. We spent the next day at Hee Haa farms having fun smashing the big pumpkins.  The kids had a blast in the corn box.  Enjoy the video.

I have also been creating fun new things that i will have for sale at the HIVE.  I will be back to post some photos before the Hive.  Hope you are all having great weekend!


The Skiing Wallaces said...

Nicole- your boots & socks (in the Spark photo) are so cute I could die! I am feeling really really not up to date on my fashion :)
Also- really love that you are donating to the Mothers Without Borders organization, such a great cause!
Keep up the great work, girl. You are an inspiration!

Kali said...

LOVE it all. And just makes me miss you more as always. You are so beautiful. And you have such fun style, you always look fabulous and I wish you could style my wardrobe!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

You are both so nice. I am now making the ruffle socks. I will have them at the hive or of course you can always custom order ;)

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