Thursday, September 1, 2011

Helping Kids Make Good Choices

How sweet is this couple?  Today I happened to catch a few minuets of studio 5.  They did a segment on helping kids make good choices.  Meet Richard and Linda Eyre.  These people are brilliant.  I loved every word they had to say.  You can check out there Studio 5 clip HERE.

This is their most resent book, I can't wait to go get one for myself!  They also have a web sight, Check it out, you can see a few other ideas they have shared on Studio 5.  I really love their ideas and can't wait to try them out with my sweet little kiddos. Hooray for awesome parenting tips.  Awesome might be an understatement, I'll let you know after I give this a try.


elisabeth said...

i think this is a really awesome idea...
i like the idea of acting out scenarios with your kids to prepare them for the future.
it's something i think i'll even use personally in my life.
thanks for sharing.


The Skiing Wallaces said...

Nicole- my family rents a beach house in Bear Lake from the Eyre's every year. They are wonderful people and have devoted their whole lives to teaching children. They invented the "Joy School" preschool program like a bazillion years ago and since then did a bunch of books on the "Joy" of learning, the "Joy" of parenting, etc., etc.
I haven't seen this newest one, but it seems like the most relevant yet! I want to try it, too!

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