Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy all the time

So I have come to the conclusion that life is just CrAzy all the time.  Even when I think I am going to have a calm normal day of doing laundry and hanging out doing the Mom thing life always surprises me.  Let me fill you in a bit on what I have been up too in the past non-stop five day's.

Let's start with Thursday..... the super fabulous (original) 365 Swap.  It turned out so awesome.  Each time my sweet cultivate girls and I put this on I think "How are we going to top that next time?"  some how we come up with more, new creative ideas.  I can't wait to post more on this. up swap stuff, watching my super fun hubby harvest his giant pumpkins. This year after the harvest we went down to Thanks Giving Point, where the weigh off is held and spent the night in the hotel next door.  We had a blast at the pool and how do you beat sleeping in until 8:30, getting feed breakfast and watching cartoon's guilt free??

Saturday......The weigh off was fantastic to say the least.  I like having it at Thanks Giving point, there are lot's of things to do there with my kiddos.  Well my super fun hubby, Matt broke his record weight not only once with a pumpkin weighing 1,338 lbs but twice with the new Utah State record of 1,600 lbs!!  That's right people is said 1,600 lbs, is that not insanity?  We were all super excited about it.  We got home late that night just in time to clean up the house, run to the store and prepare a lesson to teach in church the next day.

Sunday....first off to our church to teach super sweet kid's who I love to pieces,  then down to my parent's church to support my Dad in his new calling of Bishop of his ward, then home to find a massive crowd in front of our house to check out the pumpkins!  Oh, we forgot about cutie bug # one's book report, spray painting in the dark, visiting with more super awesome family, finally hitting the hay around 12:30.

Monday..... 5:00 a.m Matt admits defeat with his kidney stone battle and decides I can take him to the hospital.  My wonderful friend M came to our rescue.  She came to our house while we went to the hospital, got my kids ready for school, helped with homework, made lunches, did the dishes and even saw the note on the fridge about sending a apple to school today.  Seriously, how blessed am I to have such a sweet, caring, on top of it friend.  It also helps that my kids love her to pieces.  Thank's M!!

So Modern Family is one of our favorite shows.  Some of our friend's always tease Matt that Phil's character was patterned after him.  They do have A Lot of similarities.  In season 1 episode 11  Phil get's a kidney stone.  Don't tell Matt but I was having a hard time not laughing today on the way to the hospital, not at him, just thinking of Phil.  Am I so rude??  I am notorious for laughing at really inappropriate times.  And I mean laughing so hard tears are running down my face.  Don't worry I held it back this time.  This was the only clip I could find on YouTube with Phil's kidney stone.

Despite Matt not filling so awesome we harvested our specialty pumpkins tonight for our kids to sell this week at Melissa's Hollyhock's and Honeybee's Show.  It has been so fun having this pumpkin patch with our friend's the Quigley's.  Our kid's can't wait to sell them this week.  You can come score some of our specialty pumpkins this week, click HERE for details.

Well, I am not sure what tomorrow hold's for me but each night I go to be thinking of all that I am grateful for and a new day is alway's one of them!


Honeybee said...

hahaha, thanks for the morning giggle! Love Phil. One of my favorite lines is- that's what I said to you when you were in labor & you threw my smoothie at me-- PILL!!! :) It was an eventful weekend for the McConkies for sure. Glad we are around to help. It was fun at the Patch last night.

Six Girls and One Boy said...

Nicole, That is amazing that Matt was able to grow a 1600 pound pumpkin, along with a 1338 pounder. Tell him congratulations. Also that is so great that your father was called as the bishop of his ward (Camille's ward). He will do such a good job. I also heard that your swap meet was a winner. Lots of good things happening to you and your family!!!

The Three Freckles said...

Congrats on the Pumpkin guys! Nicole I am always laughing when Rich is in some sort of pain. He gets so mad at me and I have to walk away. Too Funny, love Modern Family too!

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