Friday, May 6, 2011

Gourmet Club

I got to host gourmet club with my friend Melissa last week.  This year we chose to do a fresh and flavorful theme.  Melissa and I love to cook but we love to decorate maybe a little bit more.  We came up with how we wanted to decorate before we came up with our menu.

When we went to Palmyra New York this spring, our husbands brought home 150 lb. of wood from the Hill Cumorah.  (This was totally legal, they had connections!)  They wood made fabulous place settings! I loved the All the wood, pink and greens we had going on!

We had a lot of amazing help this time around.  Our good friend, who took all of our amazing photos of that night happens to be an amazing chef.  She made mozzarella cheese, that's right I said she made it. You can check out the recipe as well as all of the recipes of that night HERE.  Courtney also made a really yummy lemon grass soup.  Matt came up with my favorite dish of the night, jicama slaw and ahi with cilantro pesto!!  It was amazing... he was amazing.  I think I have the best husband on this planet.  He shopped for all the ingredients, came home from work early and prepared the whole dish for us that night.  I don't know if he will ever know how much stress that took off of Melissa and I. Overall I thought the night turned out wonderful. Check out the gourmet club blog for all the photos and recipes.


Honeybee said...

Oh, I want to eat all that again for dinner tonight! Thanks again to Matt for helping us out- he's awesome.

The Skiing Wallaces said...

That tuna looks amazing! I would love the recipe! (And can Matt come cook it for me????)

sydney said...

You sure have an amazing man! Three cheers for the tasty looking, picture perfect Tuna!!!

sydney said...

PS The decor is awesome!!

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