Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Have you ever heard of Bountiful baskets food co-op?  Well if you haven't, it is awesome.  I was introduced to this co-op from my friend Courtney.  She is super smart about food.  If I ever have a question about anything food related Courtney usually has the answer.  You should check out her blog for some awesome recipes.  Any ways, you can choose to get a conventional basket or a organic basket.  You go to the web sight, find your area (they are in more states than just Utah), choose the basket you want and when the pick up day arrives take a laundry basket with you and load up on tons of awesome produce.  My kids love going each week and seeing what we got.  It has helped us eat a bit healthier. What's not to love about that?
  • This is a great deal and you are helping others get a great deal, too. With the conventional produce offering, you get approximately $50 worth of grocery store-quality produce for only $15.
  • This co-op encourages a healthier lifestyle.
  • You meet great people!

 Check out these super cute and affordable posters at the Victory Garden of Tomorrow.


Honeybee said...

Cute posters! I'm hoping the Quigley garden survived the snow & frost the last couple of mornings so I can just go out in my yard & pick some produce, we'll see! ;)

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