Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Found Home

I have now found a home for each of my lovely treasures!  How darling is the little owl under this cloche?  I love it.

     I use old books a lot around my house. They are one of my favorite things to use when I want something higher.

 I knew when I bought this tin that I wanted to put it in this cabinet.  It is on the wall in my bathroom, full of essential oils.

Here is one of the books, the old post and the birdie plater.  This yellow birdie planter has made me so happy over the past few gloomy days.  Oh, yellow sunshine, I miss you!


Honeybee said...

You're lucky you went down the right aisle at Good Will,before me, or that little owl would be perched in my house somewhere right now, haha! :) He is such a cute find.

Heather Williams said...

Don't you just love how something so little can brighten your day? And for someone (like yourself) to notice that. I love all your fun little treasures...makes me excited for yard sales! Thanks for sharing.

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