Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Chair


I have had this chair now for about five years and the fabric for about four.  I thought I better hurry and recover the chair before I don't like the fabric any more. When I put the new fabric on I felt like the chair was so happy.  Ahh....happy chair.  Happy me to have a new chair and a project checked of the list.



Honeybee said...

So cute, I'll have to come over to sit & chat! ;)

sydney said...

I am so glad you finally did your chair. It turned out awesome!! Can't wait to see where it is now living in your home. :)

amylynn said...

Totally gorgeous Nicole! I should post a pic of a chair I just recovered so we could compair our work and have a good laugh at how NOT CUTE mine is and how totally cute and happy yours is! Looks professional- great job.

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