Sunday, February 27, 2011

In love with maps

I have this love for old globes and maps. I think it is the color of them that pulls me in the most.  When ever I find a globe I think about who might have had it. Did they use it for homework or spend time daydreaming about the places they would like to go.  I keep most of my globes in our front room.  Matt likes to call it the home teacher room, I like to think of it as the room of knowledge.  It holds our piano, a lot of our books and my globes--all very loved.  Each and every one of them has a story.

The most unique globes I have found have been metal and two that are lamps.

I found these funky pillows at my bearded pigeon.  Of course I want some.  (I think I may have a problem)

This is a wall in my boys room.  It is a collection of old and new maps.  With a little wallpaper glue and some help from my good fried Melissa the map wall was done.  Some of these maps have been written on, people marking the route they would take.  I love it, I think it adds to the wall.


Amberlee said...

The map wall blew me away, it is even more amazing in person.

Honeybee said...

I saw those pillows & wanted some too! What a fun collection you have all through out the house.

ms. elisabeth said...

oh my gosh!
i LOVE your book shelves!
and your globes are seriously so cute!

Heather Williams said...

So fun Nicole. You have fun taste. I think you and I would have a lot of fun "creating" together. Your home is so great too. Thanks for sharing!

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