Saturday, October 1, 2011

Domestic Diva?

So usually I go to bed each night wishing I could have gotten more done, I never can find enough time in each day.  Although I am beat by the time I go to bed.  Well I can say today is not one of those day's.  Hooray!!  Of course I am posting this at 12:15 a.m. and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I got to start my day with one of my favorite thing's in the whole world, a run in the hill by my house.  Every time I go out for a run here in Mountain Green, I am always in love with the view's.  What can I say the run is my therapy. After my run, My sweet sister Taylor came over and we canned peaches together.  I LOVE to can peaches.  My dear Aunt Leslie taught me how to can peaches.  Every time I smell the sweet smell of the peaches I think of the wonderful time I had with her. It is so satisfying to me to look at all the beautiful bottles of peaches lined up on the counter when I am done.  Thank's for coming up Tay, I alway's love seeing you and you sweet little Oliver.

I AdOrE this spool rack.  I will just add this to the list of thing's I would like to make!  Found this little gem on Pinterest.

After I hung out with the kiddo's for a while, Kiddo #3 and I made some dinner.  Once everyone was showered and ready for bed I turned on a movie and let the kids have a "late night" as they like to call it, and it was sewing time for me.  I just stenciled and sewed 114 triangles to make several super duper cute banners.  I will have them at my next show, October 8th.  WOW that is going to be here in no time!  I have lot's to do.  I think I will sleep soundly tonight knowing I had a successful day today.


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