Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old School

I found a set of four little old school chairs back in July.  I finally just painted them.  My little kids are loving them.  I am loving that they are so sturdy and they don't tip over unless you are really trying. I just used some of my favorite colors of spray paint and they stenciled on numbers on each of the chairs. I used a primer spray paint first, then the color spray paint. I was kind of an idiot and didn't spray a sealer on them until I brought them inside and one of my kids scratched some of the paint off.  Then it was back outside for a coat of sealer!

My sweet friend Courtney found this desk for me.  I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before I  painted it.  Again a couple of cans of spray paint and a bit of tape for the stripes helped me out with this project.  This desk is now in Jane's room.  She loves to draw and It is a nice place for her to escape from her crazy brothers.


sydney said...

Once again, awesome make over!! These are awesome.

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