Friday, July 22, 2011

Wait, don't go.....

Why dose time have to fly when your having fun?  Summer is always over way to fast for me.  I was looking at our calendar today and my jaw about hit the floor when I realized the kids only have four more weeks of summer vacation.  So we went to the pool today and we are going to the zoo tomorrow.  I am going to be cramming in as much fun as I can.  Not that we haven't had a fun summer already, it has been simply wonderful.  I found some pics of what summer is to me on one of my new favorite places. Check it out here.

I love the sand!  Well, at the beach.... not in my houses after the kids play in the sand box.

What is summer with out some water balloons?

We spend lot's of time on our bikes and on our porch swing. I should have put a photo of it.  It is one of my favorite summer spots.

We can't go to Lagoon without ridding the swings.

I don't even know how many popsicles my kids have eaten this summer.  Maybe hundreds? I think our summer will be a success if we can say, we ate hundreds of popsicles, put on a killer firework show, swam our gut's out and just had a grand time together.   Happy summer to you all. 


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