Monday, June 6, 2011

Still thinking

I am still thinking of bunk bed ideas.  I could really use some help.  I am just really bad at making up my mind.   My boy's are getting really anxious and I now have the "go ahead" from the husband.  It's time to get my thoughts in order and make a decision.  I love the book cases and little desks in this one. 


Honeybee said...

Ooh.. I love that Idea! Super cute. Just be sure whatever you do that it is easy for them, or you, to make their beds. ;) You don't want to so hard that you are in a full body sweat every morning. I helped make a room full of bunk beds up in a Park City house & it was awful! No room to tuck sheets, blankets etc. Does this make sense?

sydney said...

Good advice from 'Honeybee'!! With that said, I love these!! Remember the ones in the 'little boys room', they had extra space all the way around to tuck the bedding. Keep in mind there is a fine line between enough room and to much much room and everything they take to bed, little toys, food ect...ends up around the cracks. Made for a few very happy boys finds when we would get around to cleaning it out!! I bet your boys are excited!!

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